60/91/215 Interchange Design, RCTC

Professional Services 2004

The Southstar team was instrumental in the design of this high-profile project.  Southstar was tasked with all coordination and management of Environmental, Design, and R/W staff and was responsible for project delivery through construction.   Project features include:

  • Four miles of HOV lanes and widened freeways on I-215, SR-60, and SR-91
  • New soundwalls and retaining walls throughout the project
  • Major structural improvement at eight local interchanges
  • Two sweeping “flyover” connector ramps between the I-215/SR-60 and SR-91.  Improvements to local drainage systems
  • New truck bypass connector leading from the southbound I-215 to the eastbound SR-60
  • New bridges at Linden Street, Iowa Avenue, Blaine Street and Box Springs Road that widened these arterials over the freeway and provides improved circulation for the local street system in the City of Riverside
  • A new local street interchange at Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard providing better access to the University of California, Riverside and the surrounding community
  • This $300 Million project included roadway widening, structures, retaining, and sound walls, extensive drainage improvements, traffic safety improvements, new signals, and unique landscaping features.  This project is the largest of its kind to date in District 8 and included all aspects of roadway and traffic design