We are Southstar | DCCM

Established in 2006, Southstar | DCCM has been committed to addressing the evolving demands of California’s infrastructure landscape. At Southstar | DCCM, our expertise spans a wide array of services tailored to meet the challenges of modern infrastructure development. From overseeing the construction of bridges, freeways, and roadways to managing large-scale multi-million dollar infrastructure improvements, we excel in delivering innovative solutions that drive progress.

Our success is rooted in a comprehensive approach that encompasses project development, planning, sustainability, utility coordination, design, labor compliance, and public outreach. With a focus on excellence, we ensure meticulous inspection services for various infrastructure projects, including roadways, bridges, sanitary sewers, storm channels, and streambed alterations. Learn about our services and see how we can help build your vision.

At the heart of Southstar | DCCM lies a deep commitment to quality, integrity, and client satisfaction. Our dedicated team of professionals combines extensive industry knowledge with a passion for delivering results that exceed expectations. With our corporate office located in Riverside, we are deeply ingrained in the local community, fostering strong partnerships and contributing to the region’s growth and prosperity.

When you choose Southstar | DCCM, you’re partnering with a company that is dedicated to shaping the future of California’s infrastructure. Join us in building a brighter, more resilient tomorrow.

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