I-15 Rehabilitation Project Caltrans EA 44830

This project will rehabilitate a 5 mile stretch of I-15, in the southern limits of the City of Corona, from Temescal Canyon Road to Ontario Avenue. The project was programmed with $31 million in SHOPP funds.

The Southstar Project Manager took over the Design phase of this project in late 2010, and led the Caltrans team in the successful delivery of the project, with an RTL date scheduled for May 1st of this year.

With the help of several dedicated Caltrans team members, the Southstar Project Manager surmounted several challenges that were at times thought to be fatal to the project. The most difficult challenge was to ensure an RTL date of May 1st of 2012, in order to not lose the SHOPP funds, which expire at the end of the FY 11/12.

When the Southstar Project Manager took over this project, an LCCA required the use of PCC concrete to replace the existing asphalt concrete roadbed and shoulders. The estimated cost to change the project scope to replace the pavement with PCC concrete was over $70 million, as it required an additional temporary lane and 4 bridge widenings to allow traffic handling during construction. The Southstar Project Manager worked with the Design, Traffic, Materials, Construction, DES, Headquarters programming, and Maintenance units and put together a plan that would allow the purpose and need of the project to be addressed with other alternatives that fit within the $31 million budget. The team worked with executive management to obtain their support, and moved forward with the new plan. As the team continued to develop the project, other challenges were encountered, including the need to construct an edge drain along the southbound outside shoulder to remove water from underneath the roadbed. Once again, the team, led by the Southstar Project Manager, worked together with executive management and headquarters programming, and modified the project scope to include the edge drain and yet not impact the design schedule. The team utilized several innovative ideas to shorten design times and utility conflict reviews, and successfully delivered the final plans to HQOE in February 2012, as originally scheduled.

$30 million rehabilitation project.  Project will complete PS&E phase in May.  Completed LCCA and materials report which required a deflection study.  There was also the need to complete a geotechnical study and special drainage design to address accumulation of water under the road.

Project Owner
State of California, Department of Transportation
Point of Contact
Jamal Elsaleh
Point of Contact Telephone Number