I-15/Duncan Canyon Road Interchange, Caltrans EA OH130

This project proposes to construct a new interchange on Interstate 15 (I-15) at Duncan Canyon Road in the City of Fontana.  The $30 million project will provide an additional access point to I-15 in the north Fontana area. This new interchange was originally planned when I-15 was constructed in the mid-1970’s. The project is expected to bring jobs and development to the north Fontana area and help boost the local economy. Design features for this project include ramp metering of both entrance ramps, Portland Cement Concrete pavement on the ramps for longer life and water quality treatment features that will improve the quality of storm water runoff.  In addition, this project includes a box culvert drainage facility under I-15 and connection to a regional flood control channel, which will help encourage development on the east side of I-15.

Right of Way acquisition was performed by the City of Fontana, which included mostly vacant land but required relocation of old irrigation lines as well as other above and underground facilities.

A New Connection Report, a Modified Access Report and a Freeway Agreement had to be approved and executed for this project.

The development and construction of this important interchange project was completed with State and Local funding sources.  State sources including the State and Local Partnership Program and Corridor Management Improvement Account fund savings, as well as City and SANBAG Measure I funds have been used throughout all phases of this project.

The Southtstar project manager delivered the PA/ED, PS&E, and Right of Way phases on-time and within the support budgets programmed for the project.   Southstar worked closely with City of Fontana staff to make sure all project design and right of way issues were understood and responded to in a timely and appropriate fashion.  Construction of this project began in October 2012.