Interstate 15/State Route 30 (State Route 210) Interchange Project, Fontana and Rancho Cucamonga, California

The I-15/SR-30 (SR-210) Interchange project paved the way and was the first segment under construction of the recently completed State Route 210 Corridor project, the first new freeway corridor in the District since the 1970’s.  Southstar personnel worked on the design and construction phases of the $100 million project, the largest in District 8 at the time.  There was a strong rapport with the Contractor and the local agencies involved with the project to build a team consensus approach to resolving issues as they arose in the field.  The end result was minimizing change orders and eliminating claims on the project.

Project features included:

A new freeway-to-freeway interchange between State Route 30 (210) and Interstate 15.

Over three miles of a new 10-lane freeway.

Construction of 29 bridges, numerous retaining walls and soundwalls.

Two new local street interchanges – Cherry Avenue on State Route 210 and Summit Avenue on Interstate 15, improving local circulation and access to both freeways in an area that has rapidly developed residentially and commercially.

The first High Occupancy Vehicle Interchange in District 8 at Beech Avenue.  The design of this interchange included four Mechanically Stabilized Embankment retaining walls that minimized the impact to private property and right of way required for the project.

Extensive new frontage roads that parallel both State Route 210 and Interstate 15 to improve local circulation and replaced Highland Avenue (old State Route 30).

Construction of a more than 3-mile long regional drainage channel that was designed and constructed in cooperation with the City of Fontana and the San Bernardino County Flood Control District.

This project was a true success for Caltrans District 8 that serves tens of thousands of commuters daily.  State Route 210 provides an alternate east-west freeway corridor that reduces commute times and improves air quality by reducing congestion and improving mobility.