The 2-span steel girder railroad bridge provided for two tracks of the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) over a 4-lane major arterial street within a commercial area of the City.  The work required the construction of temporary soldier pile walls in order to keep traffic flowing along the Magnolia Avenue commercial corridor.  Permanent MSE walls were constructed for the underpass.  A three pump storm water lift station was constructed to control storm flows within the underpass area.

SOUTHSTAR provided similar services for both the Columbia Avenue and Magnolia Avenue Grade Separation projects.  These services were:  project start up and closeout; document control; construct-ability reviews; submittal, schedule, and safety reviews; inspection procedures; and quality assurance audits.

Specific services provided were:  administration of the construction contract; document control; quality assurance inspections of contractor’s work; documented contractor work progress with daily diaries and photographs; monitored contract change order work; processed contract change orders; processed progress payments based on field measurements and quantities; coordinated, logged, and reviewed material testing and results; coordinated construction staking and all survey work; reviewed contractor payrolls for compliance with labor laws; conducted final inspections; and prepared project “punch-list”.