SR-91 Corridor Improvement Project (CIP) Caltrans EA 0F540

The State Route 91 Corridor Improvement Project (91 CIP) is a $1.3 billion design-built project sponsored by RCTC. As depicted in the graphic below, the project will add two toll express lanes, one general purpose lane and auxiliary lanes in each direction, from SR-241 to Pierce Street, east of I-15. The project will also include toll express lane only direct connectors between SR-91 and I-15 (to and from the south), and a new collector distributor road near Main Street. Other project improvements include reconstruction and geometric improvements to five local interchanges within the City of Corona (Main Street, Grand Avenue, Lincoln Avenue, Maple Street, and Serfas/Auto Center Drive), installation of an electronic toll collection system and reconstruction of impacted city streets, soundwall construction, and aesthetics improvements.

The 91 CIP is a highly complex project because of its size, nature, design-build procurement, and funding plan. The Southstar Project Manager, under the direction of the Caltrans Corridor Director, and in close cooperation with RCTC has been successfully leading the Caltrans oversight team since 2008. The following are some of the accomplishments attained by the Southstar Caltrans Project Manager:

•    Led the Caltrans oversight team to complete the Draft Environmental Document and draft Project Report process.
•    Assisted the team in obtaining early R/W acquisition authorization from Caltrans HQ and FHWA.
•    Developed the Caltrans workplan totaling approximately $60 million, and which included assisting the Corridor Director in developing the Caltrans oversight organizational chart and personnel roles and duties.
•    Under the direction of the Corridor Director, led the Caltrans team in negotiating and finalizing the Caltrans/RCTC Design-Build co-operative agreement.
•    Developed a Caltrans oversight RFP review organization and process to maximize efficiency of review time and Caltrans personnel time. Also participated in the development of the RFP.
•    Currently working closely with the Caltrans Corridor Director and RCTC in the development of the draft Project Management Plan, completion of the Final Environmental Document and Project Report, development of a project specific R/W RON process, and working with Districts 8 and 12 functional units to finalize and obtain approvals on the GADs and Design Exception fact sheets.

The project is scheduled to issue the draft RFP for industry review in mid April of this year, pending approval of federal TIFIA program funding. The project’s PA&ED phase is scheduled to be completed in mid July.