SR-91/SR-71 Interchange Project Caltrans EA 0F541

The 71/91 Interchange project is a $120 million project sponsored by RCTC. This project will:

•    Construct a two lane direct flyover connector from the eastbound SR-91 to the northbound SR-71.
•    Improve connection between the eastbound Green River Road on ramp and the 71/91 interchange.
•    Construct an eastbound road south and parallel to SR-91 between Green River Road and the 71/91 Interchange.

Work on the preliminary engineering and environmental document began in spring 2008.  The Southstar Project Manager led the Caltrans oversight team in assisting RCTC in the successful delivery of the PA&ED phase, and currently in the PS&E phase.

Because of its location, the project encountered several challenges that were successfully resolved with the Southstar Project Manager’s assistance. Some of the challenges included:

•    Negotiations with the regulatory agencies to address protected animal and plant species, as well as habitat.

•    Negotiations with the Army Corps of Engineers to address impacts to access to the Prado Dam.

•    Negotiations with Caltrans Local Assistance and FHWA to accept Federal Demo funds that were earmarked to the area, but not specifically to the project.


Project Owner
State of California Department of Transporation
Point of Contact
Jamal Elsaleh
Point of Contact Telephone Number